Alexey Wind ( @mytravel_togo )

10:51 AM Dec 7, 2017
Durian Farm, Malaysia. Not many probably know that one of the main attractions of Malaysia is an unusual tropical fruit of durian. This fruit is very expensive, it is very healthy and also it has a very specific taste and smell. And all say that people on the planet are divided into two parts, those who adore durian, and those who hate it, there are no others. Here to understand to what half I am, I went to the durian farm, in a godforsaken place in the jungles of central Malaysia. Well, as I usually do, I lost my way. I wandered around the jungle for about an hour until I came upon one good-natured farmer who offered to take me. And now I'm sitting in the back of a truck stuffed with durian, eating one of these magic fruits. If you ask what the taste of durian looks like, I would say that if you take a mango purée, mix it with a banana, add an egg yolk and a bit of garlic, then this piquant mixture would resemble the taste of a durian somewhere. Like such a bouquet or not, it's up to you. I really liked it. And here I am already on the farm, where the owner, Uncle Thing, scolds me for 20 minutes because I got lost in these dangerous places for “white faces”. But I'm forgiven and we go for a walk in the farm, where other fruits and medicinal plants grow as well. The most expensive variety of durian is Musang King, it is mainly grown here. It is cost on the farm RM58 per kilogram, in the city it is much more expensive. For comparison, a kilo of papaya in the city costs RM6. And on the farm I saw the machine that freezes durians with liquid nitrogen, and these already frozen durians are sent for export to other countries. I would like to say Big thanks to my friends from @seeksophie for such incredible adventure. And if you gonna travel around Asia and looking for not touristy adventures make sure to contact @seeksophie . . . . . #malaysia #durian #wonderful_places #lovetravel #wildernessculture #worldtraveler #seetheworld #travel #travelphotographer #journey #nature #natgeo #stayandwander #exploremore #theoutbound #getoutstayout #travelphotography #traveladdict #lonelyplanet #travelawesome #travelwriter #instatravel #travelgram